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Left Nut Cartoon

 Studio 269 Designs, in Marlborough New Zealand, create and produce illustrations and cartoon characters who come out of the graphite mist with a song in their hearts and dandelion flowers up their noses.  We love to work in graphite and ink, because organically it gives heaps of character and textures that we love. But there are some artworks that need to be created digitally, and either way, both methods can be finished by computer or by wandering off to the colouring-in department to be watercoloured, crayoned,  dazzled with Winsor & Newton pigment markers, or any other mixed media that we want to play with. But, whichever direction the artwork goes in, it needs to be bright and fun, and look great when it reaches its final destination. 

We also rescue little critters that we come across in our every day lives while out and about with sketch pads in hand. You should see what ends up in our pockets at times!  Pop over to our other website to see. 


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