A Little Wildlife Rescue - The Ladybug Story

A Little Wildlife Rescue - The Ladybug Story

The Story Behind The Photograph

( Ladybird)

One very misty morning I was lying in a puddle taking photographs of the gorgeous spider web you see in this photograph, when a long came a ladybird to have a chat. “Wonderful hammocks these!” he said to me. And I watched, shocked, as he took 'five' in the cradle of silky softness. I stressed it wasn’t a hammock, and that I had glimpsed something rather large and distressing on the other side of the fence, that had a lot of legs, and hadn’t shaved in weeks! Then mentioned that 'rather large and distressing’ could possibly own this amazing masterpiece as a place to hang about in. To this the ladybird replied, 'Don't be silly, anything that humongous and hairy only spins a yarn in the Himalayas!'  The ladybug took a lot of convincing and in the end detangling, too! 

After a stiff brandy the ladybird was released back into the wild a whole lot wiser.

Posted: Tuesday 8 June 2021


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