NZ Juvenile Hedgehog Came For Daily Visits

NZ Juvenile Hedgehog Came For Daily Visits

The Story Behind The Photograph
(Juvenile NZ Hedgehog)

This little hedgehog began wandering past my studio on a daily basis. He would come round to the studio’s back door because that was where I had begun to feed and water him on his very first trip past. So began the daily rituals as we were in drought conditions. He piled on the weight, as you do eating heaps of cat food:0) and got a lot bigger rather quickly. I began to follow him as he set back from where he had come from. I did feel like a bit of a stalker. He cut the same path always, along my studio wall to a hole in the gate, then along the paddock fence line to the hayshed. He had this fantastic tunnel under a pile of hay that seemed to go deep into the bowels of the stack. Eventually the rain came and slowly the visits stopped. I would always put food out just in case. 

Posted: Friday 21 May 2021


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