Special Branch - The Orphaned Cirl Bunting

Special Branch - The Orphaned Cirl Bunting

We found this little bird in a drain. A lifetime of wildlife rescues told us the little guy was probably exhausted after huge overnight winds. Our biggest concern was knowing a rather large predator had moved into the drain recently and was snoring its heart out not too far away. Around this area, in spring, there is always an abundance of wildlife… 

…not this year, the big snoring being, was getting bigger by the second, and like a vacuum cleaner, sucking up everything and anything that sat on the ground or appeared edible. So we popped the bird into a pocket and took it home. The little cirl bunting stayed with us for about five weeks, progressing from the box to the aviary. When the bird was ready we left the aviary door open so it could come and go as it pleased. For a long time it would fly to us for feeding until the visits became just a flyby of chirping happiness.

Pic.1 In the drain. Pic.2 After a big sleep and a tonne of food. Pic.3 Getting ready to leave the aviary for feeding outdoors (returned at night for safety). Pic. 4 Special Branch would spend a lot of time on his special branch when first rescued. Especially loved the branch when it was raining. 

Posted: Sunday 16 May 2021


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