The Paradise Duckling

The Paradise Duckling

When Parry came to us he wasn't much more than a couple of days old. He had been found wandering about a roadside on his own. Apparently, there were no ponds nearby or any waterways.

We made a little pond in the kitchen sink with a little water and popped in a rock for Parry to sit on while we went about getting some watery mash together. Parry immediately made himself at home, and on outings outside would follow us about talking in little songs of expression. We built him a small A-frame outhouse and surrounded the area with chicken wire and let the pen's grass grow really long so Parry had natural protection. If a hawk flew over he would dive into his A-frame, or while we were out walking he would walk in the shadow of shrubs and trees.  He grew very quickly.

We began to suspect Parry was a girl as the change of coloring started with the development of adult plumage. She began to take small flights, and we wondered if, as they became longer, she would just stay away, but no she would return. Then on one particular day, it was different from all the others, she talked excessively with heightened excitement and we knew then she was leaving forever. She flew away the very next day. Parry was with us for over two months.

Now, every June/ July Parry flies in yelling her heart out announcing her arrival with her mate. You cannot miss her she's the one on the house fence honking her horn. She doesn't stay long and is very cautious if we try to get too close. But it is a very special occasion. 

Posted: Monday 24 May 2021


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