The Little Wildlife Rescues Blog: January 2022

We are the other half of Studio 269 Designs - (which has moved hosts and under construction), The Little Wildlife Rescues side of them…

While we are out and about with sketch books or just walking we rescue the little critters we come across in our every day lives that need some help getting through the droughts or are just wind blown or squeezed out of their nests. For whatever reason that they need help we cart them home (if they fit) in our pocket.

The rescues quite often become part of Studio 269 Designs photography/artwork which we will show a bit later on.

We don't always have a rescue on the go, mostly they happen during spring and summer. There are times though, during open hunting seasons, that rescues have happened. Like one day, late in May, down the lagoons, we came across something that looked like a white plastic bag in the tussocky distance, but that something told us we needed to take a closer look. That story about Bones Egret has now been posted.

Any-old-how we are in Marlborough, New Zealand, and we love to rescue the lost and hungry little critters, that many people hardly notice, who seem to know where to place themselves so we will find them.

Thanks for stopping by.

  • N.Z Vineyard Sprays versus Vulnerable Baby Birds
    On the 20/12/21 after a leaf trimmer had been through the vineyard, we spotted four fairly newly hatched baby birds deep in the centre of a grape plant. Before we could protect them they got sprayed with fungicide and pesticide etc.
    Posted: Monday 10 January 2022